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Our services
Our services

Borean offers high level corporate and financial trust services. Our clients operate in different fields of business globally.  We are not the expert in their operational field of work, but in our management capacity we do ascertain that the various issues attached thereto are well attended to and preserved in their legal entities in the Netherlands. Borean has a team of certified and registered public accountants and IFRS experts, experienced in preparing stand-alone accounts, group reporting and consolidated accounts.

Domiciliation and Management services 

In the Netherlands, a registered office is a legal requirement. The office exists, at the very least, to receive correspondence as well as house all files and records. Borean can assist by providing you with a registered address in the city center of Amsterdam (including archive storage) and by providing a corporate director or managing director(s) to suit your requirements.

Administrative and Accounting services

Borean renders a variety of administrative, financial and cash management services ranging from limited oversight to complete financial reporting and consolidation.  We have significant in-house expertise in providing IFRS and Dutch GAAP accounting services. For cash management Borean can rely on several banking covenants which provide clients with full flexibility.

Legal and Corporate secretarial services

Every (Dutch) legal entity has to deal with corporate housekeeping. The corporate administration is constantly subject to changing regulations and legislation. Borean will keep entities in good legal standing through responsible management including complying with all relevant legislation.

Dissolution and Liquidation services

Winding up a company in The Netherlands is a relatively easy and smooth procedure, but can be time consuming if you are unaware of the necessary steps involved. Borean renders the specific knowledge to wind up the company cleanly without leaving a stack of administrative liabilities behind.